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Quality leads to trust!                      

The professional register for social work — the DBSH’s contribution to quality assurance!

In March 2002 in Soest, on the initiative of the DBSH, the ‘Professional Register for Social Work' (Berufsregister für Soziale Arbeit, BSA) was founded. The intent of this ‘quality offensive’ is to solve the problem of the increasing pressure being put on the profession; for example, by the increasing work load or by handing over social service positions to employees who are not sufficiently qualified. By registering with the professional register, an individual’s competency can be guaranteed. In this way, those who are in need of social services are able to have full confidence in the professional abilities of the social workers. Such confidence is an important prerequisite for successful social work practice.

The professional register model is not new: it was successfully introduced at the beginning of the 1990s in the
Netherlands, Italy, and Great Britain. In some countries it is no longer possible to enter into the social work profession without belonging to a professional register or association. In contrast, the German professional register is voluntary. Other European countries are also considering establishing similar systems of professional registration.

Although this topic has been discussed, sometimes controversially, there is some agreement that a university diploma alone is not sufficient as qualification in the long term. Additional training and skill enhancement is absolutely necessary. ‘Good’ social work practice is based on individual commitment and reflection, as well as through personal and professional growth. Therefore, these quality criteria and their periodical review by the professional register are the basic requirements for a registration. Registered social workers are then granted the additional title of ‘rBSA’.

Educational institutions can have their additional training and professional development programs certified. This ensures that the qualified social work employees are able to find out which programs are recognized by the professional register and how many points will be awarded for them.

The ‘professional register’ quality assurance system will finally be a success in Germany once those responsible for job applications or project funding begin to take into consideration an individual’s registration by the DBSH.

In order to register:

The annual registration and access fee for the professional register’s services is 60 Euros for DBSH members and 120 Euros per year for all other professional social workers.

Further Information:
Deutscher Berufsverband für Soziale Arbeit e.V.
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Deutscher Berufsverband für Soziale Arbeit e.V.
Deutscher Berufsverband für Soziale Arbeit e.V.
Deutsche Vereinigung für Sozialarbeit im Gesundheitswesen
Zentralstelle für Klinische Sozialarbeit
Zentralstelle für Klinische Sozialarbeit
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Care und Case Management (DGCC)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Care und Case Management (DGCC)